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William Kilmer

“I lost the key to my Mazda 5 2010 and didn’t know what to do. I called the dealer and they told me that I need to tow my car to them and that they are the only ones that have the key for my vehicle, no one else will carry it. Well I sure am glad that I checked around. When I called Local Brampton Locksmith they told me that they have the key in stock and that they can send a service technician to my house immediately. The technician came to my house in less than an hour. You could tell right away that he knew what he was doing, he was a professional and made a key for my car in no time for a reasonable price. Very prompt and affordable service.”

Ruhul Amin

“While I finally understood that I needed a professional help. I called a locksmith company that claimed that they were offering emergency services around the clock and no one answered my call. When I call local Brampton locksmith I got an immediate response. They sent a service man to my location and he got there in less than 20 minutes. He unlocked my car fast and didn’t leave any scratches on the door. I was relived and will keep their number in case I need any other locksmith services in the future.”

Aimeena Noble

“We recently had to fire one of our employees, he had a key for our business and we wanted to make sure that he won’t be able to have access to our shop. We called Local Brampton Locksmith and they have sent out a technician to help us. I was actually sure that they will have to changed the locks and was afraid it would cost me a hefty amount. When the technician showed up, he took a look at the locks and told me that he can actually change the combination of the lock and provide me with a different key. Needles to say that this service was cheaper and that is the route I went with. If there is anything I appreciate is honesty. He finished the work fast and made us extra keys. Reliable and honest service.”

testimonials customer avatar

“I lost the keys to my Chevy Uplander and wasn’t sure what to do. I checked online and called Local Brampton Locksmith. They gave me an idea of the pricing over the phone and I asked them to send a service person over. They came out promptly and started to work on my car. He cut and programmed a new key for my car for the price I was quoted over the phone, no hidden fees or charges. I asked them to make me an extra key as well and was given a fair quote for the additional service. I know now who to call should I lose my car keys again or need an emergency locksmith service in the future.”

Keith R. Goetsch